Low Score Site Initiative (LSSI) for Petroleum Sites




 There are approximately 20,000 petroleum contaminate sites eligible for state funded cleanup under the Inland Protection Trust Fund.

 Eligibility for funding of a site for cleanup is based on a ranking/score of the potential for environmental impact to water resources.

 Many sites have been "parked" due to a low priority score awaiting funding for almost 20 years.

 Overtime natural attenuation/cleanup can occur which substantially reduces or eliminates the level of contamination in the soil and/or groundwater at the site.

 The FDEP initiated a program several years ago to assess these low scored sites with a ranking of 29 or less, the Low Score Site Initiative (LSSI) program.

 The DEP has set aside $15 million per year appropriation for the LSSI program.

 Budget for LSSI increased in 2016 to provide additional funds for site assessment and to provide for limited site remediation.

 Program is for sites scored 29 or less which total approximately 8,000 sites.

 Limited to sites with discharges eligible for the Inland Protection Trust Fund petroleum cleanup program.

 The property owner or responsible party can designate a cleanup contractor of their choice provided the contractor is on the states approved list.



Benefits of Participating in LSSI Program


 Site owner can select contractor rather than FDEP selecting contractor.

 Obtain a Site Rehabilitation Order (letter from the state that documents that your site is clean).

 Obtain a Phase II Environmental Site assessment that can be used for lending and selling purposes.

 If an SRO is not possible will have knowledge of extent and level of contamination and still in cleanup program awaiting cleanup.



Our Experience in Site Assessment and Cleanup


 Involved in petroleum cleanup program since inception in 1983.

 Managed hundreds of sites in the petroleum cleanup program.

 FDEP approved Contractor Number 442.

 Many of our LSSI sites have received an SCRO.

 Work with site owner to minimize disruption to existing businesses.

 LSSI Sites include Fast food restaurants, convenience stores, marinas, gasoline stations, condominiums, golf courses, beauty salons, and other commercial sites.