Mr. T. M. (Mike) Gurr formed Gurr & Associates, Inc. in 1983. The petroleum remediation division of that company was sold in 1994.  At the time of sale of the petroleum remediation division, over 800 petroleum-contaminated sites were under contract with approximately 125 being actively assessed or under remediation at any point in time.  Gurr Professional Services, Inc. (GPSI) was formed to continue the environmental services that had previously been provided by Gurr & Associates, Inc. GPSI is a licensed engineering firm (CA 28481).  The staff of GPSI has performed numerous multi-disciplinary studies related to phosphate mining, permitting, Phase I and Phase II investigations, and site assessment and remediation of contaminated sites.


As a natural extension of the professional services provided by GPSI, various related environmental services were developed within the company.  GPSI has staff certified to delineate wetlands using the ACOE Wetland Delineation Manual as well as the Florida specific wetland delineation criteria.  GPSI also has qualified staff to conduct gopher tortoise surveys.  GPSI is qualified to develop wetland mitigation projects and develop relocation plans for gopher tortoise where avoidance of habitat is unavoidable.  GPSI staff has reviewed archeological surveys for major phosphate companies but now subcontracts with specialized companies for these services.


           The staff at GPSI is composed of earth scientists, environmental scientists, and engineers with expertise in geology, hydrology, geophysics, geochemistry, soils, environmental studies, wetlands delineation, wildlife surveys, and environmental engineering.  This staff of professionals has the ability to adequately assess and resolve essentially any type of environmental problem facing today’s industry.

Providing Environmental Solutions Since 1983